Monarch Airlines Launch New Travel App

Monarch Mobile App

After helping Monarch scoop the ‘Best Airline Website’ at TravelMole 2012 UK Web Awards, we're aiming to hit the top spot of Airline Apps.

Having worked with Monarch over the past four years assisting in the development of its digital vision with the design and build of and a mobile version of the site, an app was the logical next step for the UK’s leading scheduled leisure airline.

A smartphone can be considered as the ultimate travel gadget, letting you tap into all sorts of useful information when planning your trip, or out and about on the road. With literally thousands of travel apps available we wanted to make sure that we delivered a unique combination of helpful features that would enhance every Monarch customer’s journey.

We spent a lot of time with the client and app developers DogFish, who we partnered on the project to help plan and code the app. Together we pulled together an initial ‘wish list’ of features, then it was up to DM to wireframe every single iteration. Every section was rationalised down to the key components, and designed to intuitively allow the user to easily get each task done via the mobile device. We made sure that the user experience would be as simple as possible, counting the number of taps and swipes it takes the user to do what they want to do.

Each step of the process was demonstrated to the client with detailed interactive prototypes that formed the basis for the design.

Version one of the app simply called ‘Monarch’ is now live and features a clever flight tracking section for the organised traveller to track flight progress on any Monarch flight. Data is imported automatically from the airline, with alerts of real-time changes to a user’s flight and itinerary updates. So should volcanic dust clouds threaten plans, holidaymakers can stay updated in the comfort of their own home with this app.

Another feature allows passengers to save their car’s parking location. One tap will enable GPS to guide you back to your car upon your return.

The app even has a complete list of weekly weather forecasts, food, services, and shopping options for 59 airports around the world in case you get delayed and have extra time on your hands.

As well as an easy-to-use currency converter, with a simple and clean design which works offline avoiding any pricey data roaming charges, customers can use the app to search for and book flights, add any extras, and plan their route to their chosen airport. They will even be alerted of any traffic problems they may encounter and the app will help find an alternative route.

Social networking fans will enjoy the ‘Send a Postcard’ feature which creates personalised postcards that can be posted to Facebook and Twitter or emailed to friends.

The app has been designed in line with Monarch’s new branding for consistency across it’s communication streams.

Phase two of the app is already well underway with lots of enhancements and new features to ensure a smooth and fun Monarch journey.

The app is completely free to download and is available from the Apple Store, and the Google Play Store for Android devices.

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